After sales policy

1. Customers should carefully confirm before placing an order for the product. The platform does not assume any responsibility for return requests caused by customer selection errors, as the additional handling fees charged by product suppliers for such returns must be fully borne by the customer. Most chemicals have special properties and complex storage methods. Please keep them properly according to the storage conditions.

2. After receiving the goods, the customer should immediately inspect the product package. If any packaging specifications, quantities, or varieties are found to be inconsistent, the appearance is damaged, short, or defective, please report the situation to our platform's customer service within 2 working days. The customer service personnel will promptly handle the above issues, including returns, exchanges, and other matters.

3. The product has a clear expiration date. On the premise that the customer has properly stored it according to the storage conditions and the goods have not been opened during the storage period, this platform provides a one month warranty period for the product quality before the expiration date.

4. If the user does not raise objections to the quality and delivery of the goods within the specified period, it shall be deemed that the user has recognized the product as qualified.

5. The return of the following types of products will not be borne by the experimental valley:
(1) Including but not limited to customized products and blended products.
(2) Leakage or damaged products caused by customers.
(3) Products that have exceeded their expiration date, lost or erased labels, components or instructions, cooled, frozen, or open products.
(4) Special offer products&chromatographic products.
(5) Products that are not allowed to be returned according to supplier regulations.

6. When it comes to product return and transportation, customers need to contact our platform's customer service personnel and follow relevant guidance to handle transportation matters.